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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Elections and 78 New Groups!!

Orginally posted by www. myspace. com/JoinNRA

It is now clear that Barack Obama will be the Democratic nominee and John McCain will be the Republican nominee. I am not so arrogant as to tell you who you should vote for in November (after all it is 4 months away), but please take some time and see where these candidates stand on the Second Amendment. I personally believe that a candidate who does not trust me with guns should not be trusted with the Presidency of the greatest country in the world. That being said; it honestly is likely that Barack Obama will be our next president. I know.. I hate saying it, but it's true. HOWEVER you still have a HUGE say in this! if the makeup of the congress is chok full of pro-gun legislators - it won't matter who the president is, that is why you need to get out and vote for pro-gun leaders.Because this election is so important (all of them are) Yesterday, I went out on the Internet and searched and searched and searched.... I found 78 groups which had not been previously listed here. I also removed one group that had gone de-funct.At this point I believe I have the single largest repository of pro-gun organizations anywhere on the web. However, the fact that we actually need this many groups is disheartining.Further, the mere existance of these groups does not ensure our rights, you must join them, and keep track of the candidates at all levels of government and vote those who do not respect you out!The first group I want to specifically mention is www. gunvoter. org; this group intends to offer one stop shopping; to disseminate information to the people who feel that the right to keep and bear arms should not be infringed. Please visit this site and keep visiting to get the information you need to make informed votes.The second group I want to mention is the NRA, this is the largest pro-gun organization out there.If you are not a member Join Today through www. myspace. com/joinNRA and get a $10 discount. If you are a member, consider buying a membership for someone in your life.Please re-post this in your blog and in your Bulletin Board - There are over 3000 friends of JoinNRA and Other Pro-gun groups and we can reach 15 million people if HALF of you send this to 100 of your friends and they send it to their hundred friends, it's easy.

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