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Friday, July 02, 2010

No welfare for those awaiting trial

No welfare for those awaiting trial bail, pretrial, release - Opinion - The Orange County Register

The pretrial services system was designed for indigent arrestees who could not afford bail. Pretrial release is also sometimes called "detention release" or some refer to it as "released on (the defendant's) recognizance (ROR)." Usually, the three benchmarks for such release are:

•The defendant is not considered a danger to the community.

•The defendant is not a flight risk.

•The defendant is indigent and cannot afford bail.

Unfortunately, like so many government programs, pretrial release has ballooned into an overwhelming bureaucratic system that allows tens of thousands of arrestees a "get out of jail free" card without having to pay any bail, no matter what their financial resources may be. The pretrial services program employs thousands of public employee workers and serves to puts private bail bonds companies out of business.

One more reason you can add to the 1,000+ reasons California is going broke!

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