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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Scofflaws cited for cycling on sidewalk

So Leslie and Duane Smith and Matt and Sharon Pierce hopped on their bikes, left their picturesque enclave in Newport Beach’s Bayshores Community, and ventured out into the “real world.”

The Pierces, who were at the front of the convoy, commented on how crazy things seemed. The officer said he wouldn’t ride in this area at all; it’s dangerous, and many accidents are reported; the Pierces smiled, thinking the officer was stressing how careful they should be riding their bikes.

They were quite surprised when that officer soon pulled them over for riding on the sidewalk.

“Did he really need to use his sirens and lights for stopping 4 emerging senior citizens leisurely riding their bikes?” Leslie Smith asks us in an exhaustive email account detailing the incident. “We were treated like common criminals and issued traffic tickets, going so far as to fingerprint me as I had inadvertently left home without my drivers license. The police officer claimed that, according to CA Code 12.56.030 (A) NBMC, it is against the law to ride a bicycle on a sidewalk in CA, despite the ever present signs posted on the sidewalk along PCH that state ‘Bike Route – Bike Riding Permitted on This Sidewalk.’"

Government strikes again! Follow the link and read the entire article.

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