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Thursday, October 28, 2010

American Thinker: CA's Prop 23 and Economic Armageddon

American Thinker: CA's Prop 23 and Economic Armageddon

Californians must overwhelmingly vote "yes" on Prop 23 to save the state from continued loss of businesses and jobs and consequent financial ruination. The nation will be watching as Californians vote on Tuesday, November 2. Will voters elect to avoid economic Armageddon? A rejection of Prop 23 on November 2 will only encourage states like Illinois, with unreasonable and unrealistic green energy policies, to continue down the primrose path.

Come on Californians, vote YES for Prop 23 and let's put this turkey of bill "The California Global Warming Solutions," also know as AB (Assembly Bill) 32 to rest!!

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